Video: Lil Wayne's "A Milli" Still Shouts Out the 305

So there's already way too much blog fodder out there on Lil Wayne so I'll keep this one short. A couple of days ago I was watching Wayne's new video for "A Milli," which was literally shot on the way to another video shoot and I admired the balls that it took for them to create this. It got my mine churning...who shot this?

Of course, it's none other than Miami's own Gil Green who is so cliqued up with every big name South Florida rapper (Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Flo Rida, Wayne, DJ Khaled...etc) that it only makes since that he directed this.

You won't notice a whole lot' of 305 hood hollering like usual, but you will see Opa Locka's Brisco make a cameo which made the whole video worthwhile.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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