Video: Lady Gaga Protests Arizona's SB 1070 by Playing There Anyway, Giving Rambling Speech

A lot of musicians have taken to boycotting Arizona over its SB 1070 immigration law, our homegrown Pitbull included. Lady Gaga, meanwhile, went in a different direction. She played her show in Phoenix, Arizona this past Saturday as scheduled, but as the performance wore on, she revealed her true feelings.

She took to the stage in what looked like a clear rubber party dress and said nothing about the issue -- until she went off on a five-and-a-half minute, rambling speech, talking about equality, insecurities, and not belonging. She also revealed she had written "Stop SB 1070" on her arm.

She said that though several big rockers, pop stars, and rappers called her requesting for her to cancel her Arizona show, she insisted:

"You really think that us dumb fucking pop stars are going to collapse the economy in Arizona?"

Umm... Well, we'd think that if 14,000-plus fans are not spending money on a Gaga show in Arizona, that would have some sort of impact. But maybe it's just us. Check out a video of her speech below.

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