Video: Kat Stacks Gets Slapped Publicly, Again, By Young Maserati Henchwomen

​At this point, the video clips from infamous hip-hop escort Kat Stacks are just getting straight-up depressing. (Click here, here, and here to catch up on the latest major chapters of her saga, which include a poisoning attempt at a Burger King, and an attempted public beat-down by two men at a club.)

Those following her often-confusing, drama-filled Twitter feed may have noticed she's been hanging around with a struggling Atlanta rapper named Yung Maserati, whose lyrical greatness shines through in Tweets like the one above. (Kat, it seems, has a thing for rappers with Young/Yung and Lil in front of their names.)

It seems that this alliance, however, has now gone sour, as a new video burning up Twitter shows a particularly nasty daytime confrontation. After some argument, Yung Maserati, rather than hit Kat himself, called up a crew of female friends to do his dirty work for him. The video's after the jump.

We watched it a couple of times trying to understand and no, we have no idea exactly what it was about either. What's clear, though, is that it looks like the Kat Stacks saga may well end in tragedy.

Yes, she needs to put some damn clothes on, stop talking shit on the Internet, figure out her life, and respect herself enough to hang out with a better class of people. Still, though, this leaves us just sad, especially her weak, defeated, tear-stained apology at the end of the clip. Is there nobody in her life to protect her from this kind of petty violence? Is this the logical end of what happens when people view sex as a purely transactional, get-money activity?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.