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Video: Ace of Base is Back and Tries Sexing it Up in Their Latest Video

We'd like to apologize in advance for getting the above song stuck in your head. But it was the early '90s, and just like everybody else, we were afraid to "turn around" and wanted to find out "all that she wanted." Ace of Base was the Swedish pop band that screamed teenage innocence, and the most risque thing they did in that video was have strangers making out and passing each other roses. No big deal.

But now that we're in a different decade, apparently the band has "seen the sign," re-stylizing their name to Ace.of.Base, and now sexing it up quite a bit for their latest video for "All for you." That's not necessarily a good thing.

The two lead vocalists strut around in their underwear, rolling in bed while they sing, and randomly bumping into each other. They slowly put on thigh high boots and stilettos while singing "I'm doing it all for you," which makes us beg the question: What exactly are they doing?

We thought this song was about heartbreak. And really, shouldn't they be watching bad TV and eating ice cream instead of rolling around in bed half naked with smiles on their faces? What's even funnier in this scenario is the two men in the band, who are shown toasting with martini glasses and looking out windows holding their guitars. Umm?

The old school synths are very early Ace of Base,

and though we can tell they're trying to make it into a club hit, we're

not really sure if it meets Miami's strict music qualifications. It's

not like they're asking us to teach them how to dougie, or insinuating

any new kind of dance move.

After the girls get all decked out, they join their other two band mates for a photo shoot, posing like rockstars, then suddenly revealing they're on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. And the music video is in black and white, just like the videos for their other hits "The Sign," "Don't Turn Around," and "All that she Wants."

While we don't think this is by any means a music video masterpiece, it's still a fun to watch and see how the band's gone back to their roots in their music, sort of. Or at the very least see how blatantly they're trying to come off as sexy superstars. It's so bad, it may be borderline good.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

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Christine Borges

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