Viceroy: "There's Pop Music With Substance"

"Summer all the time" is Viceroy's motto. It's also everyday life in Miami. So it stands to reason that homeboy's party tuneage should appeal to every Miamian's innate love of the sunny, sweaty, and sexy.

The San Francisco-based dance music producer loves Hawaiian shirts. And he's all about that beachy groove, not so much that heavy drop, though he's still made it to the stage at Ultra Music Festival.

Now, while the rest of America transitions into overrated pumpkin-spice-everything-hoodie-lookin'-ass-basic-bitch mode, we get to ride high in our short-shorts and sandals, jammin' to Viceroy's new single "The Life" in anticipation of his upcoming show at Steam Miami on Friday, October 3.

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His latest feel-good tune is sun-kissed and stoked on being alive. With a guitar riff reminiscent of the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Runnin'," it packs a bit of disco into a "California Gurl" pop vibe tinged with SoCal ska flavor. The song also features catchy vocals from one of Viceroy's faves.

"I've wanted to work with Penguin Prison for a while, and I wanted to get some more disco cuts on the guitar as far as style," he says, discussing his collaborator and the new track's '70s dance-floor style. "Generally, my stuff is pretty poppy. I was just messing around, came up with it and built it up from there, sent it over to Penguin Prison, and he wrote some lyrics."

Collabs are a regular thing for Viceroy, because nothing says summer anthem like an infectiously singable hook -- and, the San Fran producer admits, he's no master on the mic.

"I have the mentality of letting people do what they do best, leave it to them," he says. "I'm not a singer, I'm actually pretty much tone-deaf, and I don't practice writing lyrics at all. I just do my thing with the production."

But whoever the featured vocalist may be, you can bet Viceroy's party tuneage will be sexy, effervescent, and irresistably fun yet deceptively refined. After all, he's got a passion for sharing his perfect pop with both Top 40 fans and highbrow music types.

"Within pop, there's definitely a wide range," he says. "Not to use the terms 'shitty pop music' or 'good pop music,' because everything has its time and place, but there's definitely pop music where it's just made for the masses and then there's pop music that has substance, and I think everyone can acknowledge both of them."

Miami, of all cities, should be able to relate to that statement. After all, "The Life" that Viceroy is talking about is our very own -- sunny, sweaty, sexy, and sophisticated.

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Viceroy. Friday, October 3. Steam, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. The show starts at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $20 plus fees via wantickets.com. Ages 21 and up. Call 786-516-3393 or visit steammiami.com.

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