Various Artists

The acid-spiked electronic dub that closes the second half of Selecta One bodes well for the Hacky Sack-hoarding, poncho-clad hippie types, but its glitches and spacy meanderings might leave a sour taste on even the most stoned of tongues. The disc pits producers Jason Kennedy (Polycubist) against Kenneth Gibson (DubLoner). The two battle it out with previously released twelve-inch instrumental tracks. Kennedy stumbles drunkenly through a more traditional fondness for bulky, organ-heavy dub ("Echo Dub Sundae"), while peer techno/ambient electronic peddler Gibson dallies in far more interesting territory, crossing the genre's echo theatrics with gently prodding techno clicks and beats ("Clear Murk"). Staying awake during the Polycubist portion might be a bitch, but it pays off.

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Dominic Umile