Various Artists

Norwegian singer Annie debuted this year with the breakthrough electro pop album Anniemal. But this mix CD — from the vaunted DJ Kicks series — is an altogether different beast from that pop effort. Annie digs Eighties postpunk groups such as Bow Wow Wow (with the classic "I Want Candy") and Liquid Liquid as much as the sassy ladies of the current indie/electronic underground Le Tigre (with their insouciant "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo") and Mu (whose raucous "Paris Hilton" follows Gucci Crew II's tongue-in-cheek bass jam "Sally [That Girl]"). She even fits herself into this crazy party, contributing the new songs "Wedding" and "Gimme Your Money." For many of us, this effort sounds a lot better than her own album.

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Tamara Palmer