Vampire Weekend Gets the Club Treatment with Two Remixes

We're pretty sure most of you are at least somewhat hyped about Vampire Weekend coming to the Fillmore on October 14 with Beach House. But the Columbia-bred indie darlings aren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea.

Though you'll likely hear their jams everywhere from the radio and TV commercials to your favorite chain store, the last place you'd probably expect to hear them is at a lounge on South Beach.

If you're a club kid that would much rather dance it off in the dark than sway with the swarms of sweaty people at a concert, we may have something to change your mind.

UK EDM duo Basement Jaxx has just released their club mix version of Vampire Weekend's "White Sky." Sounding a lot more fist pump worthy than the original (hey, it even has a wild cat scream!), it breathes new life into the single, making it faster and bringing in harder beats, while still keeping its original lighthearted energy. Who knows, it may end up getting on your before-the-club playlist.

Prefer a little Italian with your Vampire Weekend? Cecile is on the other side of the spectrum with a softer tempo remix, akin to what we think "White Sky" would sound like if we played it on slow through voice distortion software. So that's what Ezra Koenig's voice would sound like if it were baritone and he were lounging around on an episode of Miami Vice, shades on, sun beaming, and beatbox in tow. Hey, we can dream, right?

Check out both remixes below, and let us know which you like better.     

Vampire Weekend - "White Sky" (Basement Jaxx Club Mix) 

Vampire Weekend - "White Sky" (Cecile Remix) 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.