Vaginas Censored in Jacuzzi Boys' "Glazin'" Video, Label "Will Have Nothing to Do With It"

A couple of weeks ago, we here at Crossfade were delighted to discover a new vid for the Jacuzzi Boys' "Glazin'," starring a bunch of singing vaginas.

That's right, actual female genitals, shaved and dressed up to look like the Boys' singer Gabriel Alcala, bassist Danny Gonzalez, and drummer Diego Monasterios -- not to mention a giant purple octopussy and some kinda fanged monster with bugged-out, bloodshot eyes.

Made by six anonymous female fans called the Jacuzzi Gals, the video was explicit. But it was cute too. And the Jacuzzi Boys loved the clip, even bestowing "official" status upon it.

Unfortunately, though, according to the band's record label Hardly Art, it also contained instances of "libel ... and copyright infringement." So it was removed from Vimeo and then censored.

"Alleged female fans (over 18) made the video, the band liked it," Hardly Art's Ruben Mendez told Crossfade by email. "The label didn't want to associate themselves with certain images, though."

Originally posted to YouTube and then promptly banned, the Jacuzzi Gals' clip lasted a little longer on Vimeo before finally (as noted by Crossfade's sister blog County Grind) being removed and replaced with a heavily censored version. "We, the label, had to tear down the video," Mendez said.

"The fans contacted the band, the band called the label," he continued. "The label explained what libel, parody, and copyright infringements were," adding, "The band told the fans, the fans censored/made changes to the video...and that is that."

Some of the funny vagina faces now missing from the NSFW fray: Fidel Castro, Homer Simpson, Jabba the Hut, Insane Clown Posse's Violent J, LeBron James, and Ronald McDonald.

"The video is a fan video and Hardly Art will have nothing to do with it," Mendez insists.

"No big deal, everyone."

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