Usher Spends NYE 2015 at E11even, Goes Instagram Crazy at PAMM

While most of us spent New Year's Day recovering from all that Dom and our other drunken NYE shenanigans, Usher enjoyed the first day of 2015 by going Instagram crazy at PAMM.

Just a few hours after hosting his New Year's Eve countdown bash with DJ Irie, Bow Wow, and all the sexy ladies at E11even Miami, the ultra-smooth R&B superstar began his artistic journey through the 305's latest art museum.

"Pérez Art Museum Miami ...Beautiful!! Atlanta needs on[e] of these...Dope!!!" the pop star posted on his Instagram page.

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Pérez Art Museum Miami...Beautiful!! Atlanta needs on of these...Dope!!!

Une photo publiée par Usher (@howuseeit) le

A guy who made gawkers all over the country go "WTF?" when he plugged his iPhone into a woman's vagina during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, Usher is a true admirer of all things contemporary and modern art.

From taking an obligatory pic in the middle of Mark Handforth's Western Sun display to "[smelling] the flowers" of the Global Positioning Systems: Rites of Commemoration exhibit, Usher unleashed his inner art freak.

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Look what hip hop did!!! Pérez Art Museum Miami. What up Pos @plugwondelasoul

Une photo publiée par Usher (@howuseeit) le

Two pieces in particular, however, seemed to really make him go oooohhhh -- Thomas Hirschhorn's giant CNN bling and Gary Simmons' Frozen In Time installation.

"Look what hip hop did!!! Pérez Art Museum Miami. What up Pos @plugwondelasoul," the Big Ush wrote while posing alongside hip-hop bud Pos De La Soul and Hirschhorn's gold chain.

Gray Simmons....I love your work!!! #TRUTH #MOVED @pammpics

A photo posted by Usher (@howuseeit) on

But it was Simmons' masterpiece that really got the music man hyped.

"Gray Simmons....I love your work!!! #TRUTH #MOVED @pammpics," the platinum-selling singer captioned his last pic of the day.

It was definitely an artsy experience for Mr. Raymond. But from the looks of it, no ABMB 2014 moments were repeated.

Happy New Year, Usher!

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