​We were surprised, but excited to see a show announcement pop up in our inbox for a newish venue called the New Vintage Music Hall. For the downtown hipsters, this is not (that's okay, there are a million shows coming up at Grand Central to keep them occupied.) 

Unexpected New Music Venue: New Vintage Music Hall Miami, in Kendall

This place is, instead, firmly way out in Kendall, a bit off the SW 120th Street exit of the Turnpike. Hey, people southwest of I-95 deserve a place to hang out that doesn't involve a pain-in-the-ass, late-night drive. 

Further, it seems to cater to both older-timers and the under-age. The tagline of the venue on its web site is, "Hark back to the Miami music scene of the '60s." At the same time, though, there are scheduled a number of upcoming "deathcore"-type shows featuring the kinds of bands that usually play places like Solid Sound Studios, the Talent Farm, or the Dugout when it was still open. 

For the Boomers, the web site promises, in upcoming weeks, a Woodstock 41st anniversary celebration, as well as tribute shows themed around the Doors, doo-wop, Motown, and Elvis. Unfortunately, the dates for those are all listed as "TBA," and the site hasn't been updated yet for July. 

For the kids, though, we can report an August 6 date by local all-ages-circuit metal favorites Paris is Burning and Fallen Figure. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. that night, but again, all details are TBA.

Otherwise, though, for the older crowd, showing up to the place on a Friday night seems like a safe bet, regardless of the specific lineup. The venue has hosted a rotating cast of blues and jazz favorites there weekly on Fridays for the past month. 

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