Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew Add Reunion Tour Concert in Miami

We knew this moment was coming.

Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew have finally added a Miami show to their triumphant reunion tour around this great nation that once wanted them to waste away in a jail cell for being As Nasty As They Wanna Be.

Call your freakiest ho, press your fave Zubaz, and circle Saturday, November 7, on your pornographic calendar. Shit's about to get hot and heavy.

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The when has been decided, but exactly where Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew's homecoming gig will go down has yet to be determined. We're hoping for something super-gritty, which would contrast nicely with their reunion show at LIV last November.

Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew's 2015 Concert Dates

May 7 TBA, Pittsburgh PA

May 8 Funk Fest, Metropolitan Park, Jacksonville, FL

May 14 TBA, Philadelphia, PA

May 15 Funk Fest, Wolf Creek Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA

May 28 TBA, Houston, TX

May 29 TBA, Dallas, TX

May 30 TBA, Austin, TX

May 31 TBA, San Antonio, TX

June 6 Mobile, AL Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds

November 7 TBA, Miami, FL

Prior to last year's "one night only" reunion, it had been over two decades since the old Crew shared a stage. But thanfully, Luke, Fresh Kid Ice, and Brother Marquis are bringing that Miami booty bass back. And it's so much better when they're all together.

New Times learned that first hand at the aforementioned LIV party. But as much fun as we had (and yes, we partially blacked out), we're hoping for something less flashy and more assy at some super-Miami place where the thick clouds of weed smoke will stank up everyone's g-strings and snapbacks.

We just want to live out our filthiest '80s music video dreams.

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