Ultra Music Festival's Russell Faibisch on UMF TV Launch: "This Is Just the Beginning!"

Epic uhntz-uhntz on demand via the Internet. This is the Ultra media empire's newest expansion plan.

Adding to an already sprawling portfolio of EDM entertainment assets (obviously including the original Ultra Music Festival in Miami as well as a six-country, four-continent tour, officially dubbed UMF Worldwide), this imperial party-time megapower has recently launched UMF TV, an "online TV channel," according to its office of information, "dedicated to bringing you the very best videos of electronic music featuring original and unique content."

Of course, we here at Crossfade have already heralded this joint venture with YouTube and recapped its debut episode starring Avicii and Madonna. But now the empire's chief mastermind, Russell Faibisch, has issued a personal promise to the populace of Ultraland.

Beyond the free stream of UMF Films' concert documentary Can U Feel It (available till July 29), Faibisch guarantees: (1) Instant access to year-round Ultra-ness for each and every beat freak with a web-enabled device; and (2) A minimum of one new UMF TV episode every two weeks.

"Teaming up with Final Kid has aligned two creative visions and allowed this incredible one of a kind experience to come into everyone's homes, smart phones and iPads . . . everywhere!"

"Launching UMF TV, our partner channel with YouTube, featuring bi-monthly episodes of original content, broadcasting the live stream of Miami, where millions of people watched the festival around the world all three days, and now releasing 'CAN U FEEL IT' for free on YouTube for everyone to see ...

"This is just the beginning!" the Ultra executive ecstatically exclaims. "We have a lot more surprises lined up for our fans!"

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