Ultra Music Festival TV Debuts With Avicii and Madonna: "That Was One of the Most Amazing Experiences of My Life!"

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Ultra Music Festival Television is alive!

Just hours ago, UMFTV debuted on YouTube with its first bit of exclusive content: a ten-minute mini-journey with Avicii through his first-ever UMF headlining set.

We see it all in this short doc ... His arrival to our city, his first meeting with Madonna, his famous friends chillin' in the booth, and everyone in the crowd moved to near tears by the epic uhntz-uhntz.

Let's take a closer look at this behind-the-scenes clip and see how EDM's boy-wonder gets down.

Bienvenido a Miami

Sweet intro graphics UMFTV. All these colors have us really stoked for what's next. And yes! It's our beautiful city! You can hardly tell from way up high that it's filled with thousands of the world's hardest partiers who've traveled maybe even hundreds or thousands of miles to be there. Like our Swedish wunderkind who fights through the press to get to the show.

"There Is a Major Surprise Appearance"

We watch as the new superstar meets the long-reigning Queen of Pop, Madonna. It's kind of adorable watching them pose for pictures and chit-chat. Avicii is all, "This is my first time headlining this as well, so I'm a little nervous." But Madonna's been down this road a million times and warms the crowd up for him with an unforgettable intro.

"I Finally Made It to the Ultra Music Festival"

Cue epic live-set recap. This crowd of mostly shirtless young people looks like they're having the time of their life. Most of them look like they might even break into happy tears at any moment. Were you there? Do you see yourself? Can you remember what it felt like?

"Right Now Is the Era of Electronic Music"

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Yeah, there's a lot of hype going on, but Avicii says you can believe it this time. "I don't really see electronic music slowing down or anything, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day." Shout out to Skrillex and Afrojack for their sneaky little appearances in the booth.

"That Was One of the Most Amazing Experiences of My Life!"

Yeah, Avicii totally rocked the faces off of thousands of beautiful, sweaty EDM enthusiasts, and they loved it. Lives were probably changed, friendships forged, all set to the anthemic chords of Sweden's favorite blonde kid. And the really remarkable thing is UMFTV didn't play "Le7els" once in the whole video. We've really come a long way guys, but it's only the beginning.

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