Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival Premieres Movie Trailer for New Can U Feel It? Concert Documentary

Ultra Music Festival is an insanely intense sensory experience.

Three days of ecstatic raving, bro-on-bro PDA, and other miscellaneous forms of debauched misbehavior alongside all your fave DJs and 150,000 beat freaks rocking goggles, glowsticks, furry boots, yarn hair, and sweat-soaked novelty t-shirts.

Believer it or not, though, there's another supersensual onslaught that's just as likely to totally overload your dopamine receptors ... Ultra Music Festival: The Movie.

At 5 p.m. today, UMF Films and Final Kid & Dutch Tilt Productions premiered the debut trailer for Can U Feel It?: The UMF Experience, a documentary movie shot at this year's Ultra Music Fest. The official press release describes the non-fiction flick as "a 45-minute film about the rise of dance music, through the eyes of the world's greatest DJs, at one of the world's largest events."

The trailer opens with a flashy Michael Bay-style helicopter shot of Downtown Miami before cutting to a series of glossy, iconic SoFla stereotypes like cigarette boats, South Beach babes in thong bikinis, and Ocean Drive's neon-soaked Deco hotels.

"It's a beautiful day down here in the Sunshine State of America with temperatures rising to 85 degrees this weekend," some unseen radio jock croaks. "But it's not just any weekend! This weekend is for all electronic music fans worldwide! It's what y'all been waiting for! This weekend is Ultra Music Festival!"

And then -- bang! -- we get sucked into a real glimpse of this "music film about a new generation," all awash in sirens, fistpumps, LED robots, crowdsurfing superstar DJs, and those aforementioned forms of debauched misbehavior.

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