Ultra 2014's 20 Hottest Raver Chicks

At every single musical gathering, there is an enclave of pretty ladies ready to party. Now, unlike the country gals at a Willie Nelson concert or even the MILFs squabbling for a seat at a taping of the X Factor, Ultra Music Festival features fine-ass females of the very undressed and colorful sort. The heat kept covering up unnecessary and rainbows ruled.

This year, the assortment of sweet kandi ravers and spicy house heads spotting the grounds of Bayfront Park were especially intriguing. And there was a treat to satiate every hungry straight man or gay female's appetites. The nerds have their gals and the bros have theirs, and they were all looking so very fly at the EDM extravaganza. Here are the 20 hottest.

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Good for All

These two hotties are the quintessential South Beach beauties who know how to balance looking gorge while still packing some rave-punch.

The Staples

The day after Ultra, everyone remembered these two stunning ladies dancing like crazy at Deadmau5. Probably because, well, because of all that up there!

With Flowers in Her Hair

This was one of the prettiest little ravers at Ultra. So natural and fresh, she made the sun shine brighter.

Sorry Mom

These two hot mamas were screaming their heads off. Heads that were capped with such clever phrases as "Sorry Mom" and "Classy Mother Fucker."

Cute and Informative

While we're certain it's not only Asians who love bass, this belle of the ball, with her double tongue ring, assures us no one's leaving her out of the party.

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Miami Mamis to the Max

If these kissy faces grew up anywhere north of Aventura, we'll eat our words, but we're pretty certain this is some plentiful Miami booty.

Avicii Appeal

This pretty fan might be the most disappointed person at Ultra, considering her boy never made it to the stage. But homegirl's still smiling, and that's incredibly sexy.

Fishnet Trio

These three young lasses know how to work that Moulin Rouge. They left the neon at home for a way sexier go at the boldest colors: black and red.

Canadian Calling

This buxom blonde hails from the frigid front of Canada. So, of course she's celebrating her time in the tropics with a hella cool shell bra and a rubber ducky chapeau.

Kandi Kingdom

Kandi ravers are mad hot! And this one in particular is very fashion too. That is the coolest bathing suit we've seen since we were seven.

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Fantasy Land

There was a whole troupe of Disney princesses and Tinkerbell parading around the affair, and you just know every man, deep down, has a hankering to give it to Princess Jasmine or Sleeping Beauty. Or both.

Perky Peckers

It's good to be young and hot! It don't last, but while you're in it, enjoy it like these three.

Elfin Love

Every geek who dreams in Elfish would weep lustful tears over this gorgeous gal. Who are we kidding? Everyone wants to check "elf" off their who to do list.


For those who crave a more normal blonde beauty, this pack of sun-kissed hotties were there to make someone's day.

Hot Heat

The Heat repped hard at Ultra. These two fetching females made it clear with their get ups that they like to party, and they're down to earth. Next week, they'll be raving at the AAA to D-Wade slam dunks.

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Lucky Cherry

If you're Mario or Luigi, you snag a few of these red fruits, and you become invincible! This beauty's already got two for you on her tatas. You're on your way to victory!


This frightening female was a total showstopper. Everyone with a dark side was drawn her way, lured by bright red eyes and pointy horns.

Smell the Flowers

Seriously, you need to stop and smell the flowers. They're growing in abundance on these boobies!

And dude, did you see Katy Perry there? She looked really good.

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