Ultra 2013: Raver Reactions From the Metrorail

As we rode an eerily empty Metromover towards Government Center last night, the unlikely quiet allowed for some deep reflection.

After all, we'd seen and heard a lot of weird shit over the weekend. There were tons of nearly naked raver bros and an actual naked dude, 75 leprechauns, six bad bitches, and all the Molly you can stomach.

But we wanted to hear what folks riding the Miami public transit system had to say 'bout Ultra Music Festival 2013.

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"This was my second year at Ultra," said Kimani, a beer vendor who asked us to withhold his last name. "I think it was a little worse this year. And honestly, it was [because of] the police."

Still wearing his highlighter yellow vendor t-shirt as he waited for the Northbound train at Government Center, Kimani looked exhausted as he critiqued UMF 15.

"They had a lot of undercover [officers]; people can't enjoy themselves when they come to a fest. [The police] already know what to expect, so why not let them enjoy themselves?"

Onboard a Southbound train toward Dadeland, we bumped into Sheryl Kabick of Kendall.

Wearing bright green plastic eyeglasses without any lenses, we were surprised to hear that she wasn't at Ultra, but rather Brickell Fest.

"We had a great time. It was not Irish at all; it was ghetto, gangster, Miami. But I did have two vodkas."

Unprompted, she encouraged the ravers onboard to make some noise.

"Miami party people," she yelled. "Who came from Ultra?"

A collective "Wooo!" followed, but quickly died when the EDM generation's short attention span got the better of them. Soon, it was back to steaming YouTube videos of their favorite DJs.

One University of Miami senior we met on the Metrorail was looking forward to sleeping, but not happy about going back to school on Monday.

"I don't know I'll even make it to the shower tonight," he joked. "And there's a good probability that I won't make my 3:30 p.m. class."

Abraham Aragon works in Downtown and had been riding the Metorail with ravers all week.

"I'm into the music 'cause of my boys, but I couldn't go because I work. I'm going to go next year."

But perhaps the best Ultra reaction we got came from a mysteriously wise man named "Eric," who said riding the train with ravers doesn't bother him, but it may piss off 80-year-old women.

Listen to what he had to say below.

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