Ultra 2013, Day Two: The 20 Photo Highlights, From Stoned Gnomes to UMF Tramp Stamps

In Ultra land, even the gnomes get stoned. And all the EDM princesses slap a UMF tramp stamp just above their ass cracks. It's a beautiful place full of PLUR people.

Honestly, we've never been to a 150,000-person music festival where the raver robots, Super Marios, bad bitches, unicorn bros, and lucha libres are so polite and nice.

It's a feel-good vibe at UMF, man. Catch the beat-freak bug after the cut with Crossfade's 20-photo recap of day two at Ultra Music Festival 2013.

Check out the 91-photo slideshow for "Ultra Music Festival 2013 Weekend One Day Two."

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