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Ultra 2013: 11 Best Nipple Pasties

Bras, ugh. They're so constrictive!

It's no surprise that women often unclasp around the house, opting to let their ladies breathe and bounce freely, just the way evolutionary science intended.

But in public, breasts are typically confined to two cups, held up by a couple of straps and an elastic band. And a not-so-fun fact: According to online bra retailer True & Co., 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra.

That's not the case at Ultra Music Festival, however, where bras are seemingly non-existent (unless they're worn as shirts), it is all about the pasties.

From weed-themed boob guards to duct tape, check out the 11 best nipple pasties at Ultra 2013.

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Fashion tip: Always match your pasties to your sunglasses.

If you're looking for support and freedom, try the fishnet sports bra.

Another example of support and bare-breastedness.

Take off your shirt, but keep the face mask on; it can get very dusty at Ultra.

No ... Thank you, bro.

These pasties are 4/20 friendly.

Peace, love and pasties.


Every party has a pooper. This one had two. Where are your pasties, ladies?

Suspenders and pasties are going to be huge this year.

And the prettiest pasties award goes to... This cutie who wished us a "nice rest of the day."

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