UK Punk Band 4 Past Midnight Playing Churchill's July 21

Scottish punk rawkers 4 Past Midnight deliver the kind of old-school punk anthems that used to play in rotation in your brain throughout the late '80s and early '90s. The first song on their MySpace playlist, "Fuck Them All," is a gritty criticism of those destroying the punk scene, while the second, "Glasgow," honors the band's hometown with references to the "characters" hanging around, the whiskey and beer "just to calm me soul," and (what anyone who's lived in the UK for long periods of time knows) the non-stop rain that's "just enough to make you go insane."

They preceded acts like Flogging Molly and Op Ivy -- but to give you an idea -- they create the same potent musical arrangements except with a little more snarl. Four Past Midnight isn't in a hurry, either. They don't give you 40 songs in 40 minutes. Well, sometimes they clock in at under two minutes. But for the most part, their executions are more sophisticated, but no less punk. As the drummer and vocalist Peter shouts on the song "4PM Crew," "We are the 4PM boys. And we're here to make some fucking noise."

Four Past Midnight will support hard-core punk group The Angst at Churchill's July 21.

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