TUSK Saturdays, The Garret's New Weekly Dance Party, Promises Golden Girls

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Ah, the weekly party. We here at Crossfade were worried that it was going the way of the dodo.

That's not to say there aren't great club events to go out to every week at places like Bardot, Electric Pickle, Space, Grand Central, Treehouse, etc. But there is just something about the familiarity of a weekly party that is comforting. You learn to love the resident DJs, you'll always see plenty of familiar faces, and your weekend basically plans itself.

That's why we were intrigued when The Garret at Grand Central announced its new Saturday throwdown, TUSK. The Facebook invite promises "NO COVER / DRINK SPECIALS / GOOD VIBES."

Uh, yeah, we're sold.

Another selling point: DJs Tom Tuna (AKA Thomas Armstrong) and Tet De Vac (AKA Gabriel Alcala of Jacuzzi Boys) are -- for now -- the resident DJs. Of course, Jacuzzi Boys just came back from a lengthy tour that took them all across America and Europe. And when we drunkenly stumbled into lead singer and guitarist Gabriel Alcala at The Corner, he confirmed for us that the Boys are already working on a follow-up to Glazin'.

So how exactly does Alcala and Co. have time to throw a party and record a new record? We decided to ask him.

Crossfade: How would you describe the TUSK party?

Gabriel Alcala: Good vibes and killer tunes! A place where boys and girls, girls and girls, boys and boys can bang a gong!

Who are the people directly involved with the party?
Myself, the Tet Master Champion, Tate the Snake [Stephen Tate], and the fishiest brother from the cupboard, Tommy Tuna.

Will you (AKA Tet De Vac) and Tom Tuna be the resident DJs for now or will there be guest DJs and live performances, both local and national?
For now, but we're definitely gonna have some guests stopping by in the near future.

We all remember great weekly parties like Revolver, Poplife, Vice, and Spider-Pussy, but the idea seemed to go away for a bit ... until now. Do you think there is a renewed interest in the weekly club party?
People have always wanted to have a ball and Saturdays are supreme for dancing!

Obviously, you're busy working up on the follow up to Glazin'. How are you balancing both recording new music and promoting/DJing a party?
It's easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Is TUSK a temporary thing until you're done with the record or do you hope the party goes on even when you're on tour?
The party definitely [will] still goes on. Again, we're gonna have some guests, and Tom Tuna has enough mercury for days!

The Garret has a very successful Friday night with Peachfuzz. Why did you choose to do the party there?
The Garret is perfect for a dance party.

On a scale from Estelle Getty to Rue McClanahan, how fine will the girls at TUSK Saturdays be?
The girls will be golden.

TUSK Saturdays. With DJs Tom Tuna and Tet De Vac. The Garret at Grand Central, 697 N Miami Avenue, Miami. 21+ with ID. No cover. facebook.com/tuskatthegarret.

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