Trip Out With Jim Drain and Forcefield's "Warmup" in Total Darkness Tonight

In the mid '90s, noise band and performance art collective Forcefield were spawned from the damaged sounds of a Providence, Rhode Island scene revolving around Load Records and the collective's base of operations, the prolific Fort Thunder.

The group donned psychedelically fetishistic full-body knit suits, pumping out videos and performances that heralded the neon, overstimulated schizophrenia of 2000s entities like Baltimore's Wham City collective and the frantic video work of artists like Ryan Trecartin.

In 2002, Forcefield released, "Warmup," a trippy video of the group in their signature sweater-suits.

Tonight, Forcefield member and South Florida-based artist Jim Drain, in conjunction with roaming/freeform multipurpose space, the end (lowercase letters are part of the name) will not be screening that video. Instead, they will be blaring the video's soundtrack in total darkness.

For a taste of Forefield, check out the following clip of one of their videos bootlegged on YouTube:

So that's more or less what the vibe is going to be like, only get rid of your ability to see. Sensory deprivation (paired with minimal stimulus, like, for instance, Forcefield's "powerful electronic soundtrack") has been known to induce hallucinatory visions, and we're very much looking forward to envisioning ourselves cloaked head-to-toe in skintight yarn.

Jim Drain and the end/Spring Break present the soundtrack to Forcefield's "Warmup," presented in total darkness. Friday, July 8. the end, 155 NE 38th St., Miami. The event begins promptly at 10 p.m., so don't be late. There is no cover. Visit

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Matt Preira