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Trina Hospitalized for "Overexertion" After Collapsing at South Florida Airport

Trina is Da Baddest Bitch, but even she needs to get her rest.

Reportedly, our favorite bit of "Ass Fat" just fell flat on the floor while getting off a plane here in South Florida. She gave everyone such a scare, she was rushed to the nearest hospital, where she was treated with an IV for apparent "overexertion and dehydration."

You don't know na'an ho who work her booty so hard, but we want to offer Trina all our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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We're not quite sure what caused the exhaustion, but we do know she's been hitting the streets with her new single "Ass Fat," doing a bunch of interviews and spreading the jelly gospel. That must have been what she was up to before the fall, because TMZ reports the rapper has been traveling all day, as well as fighting off an illness. It's never a good idea to work and travel while sick.

The good news: Trina seems to be recovering. Six hours ago, she had mustered enough energy to post this picture of her IV and thank her fans for their loving concern and support.

Here is what her team tells Crossfade:

Trina is recovering well, as well as, resting comfortably. The collapse was caused due to overexertion and dehydration. More or less, she is not over-stressed right now, just an entertainer who thrives on ensuring her fans and supporters know she loves the title she has been given as one of the most consistent female emcees. Trina felt a bit dizzy throughout the day, but continued on with work and travel which caused the unexpected trip to the hospital for care. We have been in constant communication during this incident, and she is doing much better. She just needed some rest.

Here's to hoping Trina is Back 2 Business in no time.

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