Trick Daddy to Star In Upcoming Season of Love & Hip Hop

Trick Daddy Dollas has announced a new, though not that shocking, venture – reality stardom. In a recent interview with Bossip, Trick revealed he met with Mona Scott-Young, the creator of Love & Hip Hop, to discuss joining the cast of the popular VH1 reality show as it moves south.

“I just met with Mona last week and we’re trying to do this thing right,” Trick told Bossip. “Put some real Miami bitches and real Miami niggas on the show.”

Among those illustrious "bitches" are at least two upcoming Miami artists whom Trick himself has started managing. One of the acts, Premadonna, is an aggressive female rapper with rhymes reminiscent of Trina. On a track called “Nice” she raps, “I’m the type that’ll sit on your face/Spit on your dick then hit on your bitch.” It's safe to assume that type of behavior won't make it past VH1's censors, but it will be interesting to wach nonetheless.  

Love & Hip Hop has seen success in New York, Atlanta, and Hollywood. Though Scott-Young has yet to confirm rumors that Miami is the show’s next stop, the move would only make sense. From Hogan Knows Best to Jersey Shore to the Real Housewives, few reality shows have ever been able to resist the allure that is Miami-Dade.

And even though Trick Daddy is best known for tracks like “Shut Up,” “Nann Nigga,” and “I’m a Thug,” the Slip-N-Slide poster child refuses to be confined to just hip-hop. Near the end of last year, Trick launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote his vegan, gluten-free, “southern inspired seasonings.” Just months before that he told us he wanted to open up a restaurant in Miami. Why? Because Trick love the kids and he’s worried about all the fast food they’re eating. And because, according to the man himself, he’s the best cook in the city.

Still, one might wonder why exactly Trick has decided to bet on reality television instead of food and beverage. He explained his reasoning to Bossip: “I’m really doing Love & Hip Hop Miami because there’s a difference between Old Cutler (a sleepy highway that connects Miami to the Everglades) money and South Beach money. Old Cutler money is grandfathered in, South Beach is investors.”

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