Trash Talk's Free Tour With Odd Future's Left Brain - Grand Central, Miami

Trash Talk is undoubtedly one of the most hyped bands in (and out of) hardcore right now.

The Cali crew is the product of spending most of this past decade in a van, traveling across the country to crush audiences, night after night.

However, recent years have seen the group enjoy some serious crossover love, thanks to its relationship with the Odd Future crew, albums produced by legends like Steve Albini, and more than a handful of major festival gigs.

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Last night, Trash Talk returned to Miami for the first time in six years to "give back to every motherfucker that supported us" with a completely free, all-ages show at Grand Central.

Fans wrapped around the corner early in the evening and sweated in the Miami sun for what must have felt like an eternity until the club's doors finally opened.

Featuring a DJ set by Odd Future's Left Brain and a set by Miami's own hardcore heroes Homestretch, the night had something for everyone.

From the moment we saw Trash Talk frontman Lee Spielman wandering around the club with a boomerang in his hand, we knew things were going to get out-of-hand.

While the show's optimistic start time of 5 p.m. eventually gave way to a realistic Miami-time kickoff around 8, Homestretch wasted no time, turning the place into a frenzied mosh pit.

The crowd reaction was a triumphant moment for a band that Miami's hardcore scene has known to be world class for years -- especially since the 305 band was surely introducing itself for the first time to many of the younger Trash Talk fans.

Homestretch completely annihilated with one of the most impassioned sets that we've seen from the band in years.

The crew repped Miami's oft-overlooked hardcore community in the best way, though the victory is bittersweet as the band is going on an indefinite hiatus after June.

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Odd Future's Left Brain and his broken iPad took the stage after Homestretch, giving the crowd some heavy bass and thump.

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What started out as a DJ set (read: playlist) devolved into a full-on hip-hop melee featuring Denzel Curry and a stage obscured by a mob of various hangers-on and stage potatoes. After the fifth generic song featuring a repetitive bar about smoking weed, the exciting and unexpected turn of events dragged on just long enough to kill the vibe.

Unfortunately for those who left, Trash Talk hit the stage with a force that immediately brought the crowd back from trap land into a circle pit pulled straight from '87.

The crowd erupted into a churning mass of limbs that collected stage divers and spit them back for more. Trash Talk's set featured cuts from deep in the band's back catalog despite being a promotional tour for its new album, No Peace, and Spielman was a testament to what a decade of touring can make of a frontman.

The singer had complete control of the crowd. At one point, he even had the house lights turned on, asking the audience to literally sit on the floor and take a break while he explained the game plan for the next song.

Spielman emphatically explained to the seated fans that he wanted them to "spazz out like this is the first music you ever heard in your life" because it's his favorite song to play live.

As the surfy riff of "Blind Evolution" kicked in, the audience exploded once again this time into a horde of lunatics out to dive, mosh, and scream their way into Wednesday.

A trash can flew from the side of the room into the middle of the pit, an endless stream of "dive artists," as Spielman so eloquently put it, climbed the barriers and speakers to jump from the stage with style that would have pleased even Edward Colver's lens.

The Trash Talk dudes -- who sounded immense the entire night despite all of the action -- rode that human wave into a final pair of songs that had the audience bleeding over the barrier onto the stage in what we could only describe as a perfect end for a hardcore show.

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