Transit Lounge Turns 5!

Know what I want to do? Coin a phrase. You know, like I'll use it here and soon people will be employing it elsewhere, like in everyday conversation. What better way to truly indulge, or perhaps abuse, my access to the masses? Ideally, it'd be some nearly nonsensical word that defies the logic of linguistic mechanics, making its widespread popularity all the sweeter.

Like if you used a fork and knife to eat your Snickers bar in front of coworkers in a meeting, then a few days later, saw people in a coffee shop employing the same ludicrous technique. Then Butterfingers, Kit Kats, and cookies. And it all started with you.

Wait...what was my point again? Oh! That's right. Transit Lounge is turning five, which is a milestone for any SoFla bar, and particularly for those of the dive persuasion. Come celebrate this weekend. Tonight they have Mayday! and tomorrow Jean, who's known for danceable R&B-laced Latin pop. If you happen to go Saturday, look out for a girl in librarian glasses answering to the name of Shmeggie and buy her a shot. She's moving to L.A.

You don't want to miss this party. It's gonna be gronk! Go ahead and use that one...you know you want to.

Mayday! performs on Friday, June 19 and Jean on Saturday, June 20. Cover is...bullshit. Transit doesn't believe in cover. And there'll be drink specials all night. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.