Trade is offering a great July special.
Trade is offering a great July special.
Photo by George Martinez

Trade Offers $5 Ticket Special for the Month of July

In these dog days of summer, Trade wants to help cool down fans of techno and house music with one hell of a value deal. "We wanted to give back to the dance floor community this July," Coloma Kaboomsky, one of Trade's partners, says. "Normally our cover for one show is $15. We're offering admission for six nights for $30, which comes out to five dollars a party."

The parties will take place July 1, 3, 8, 15, 22, and 29, so mostly Friday nights and the night of the third of July to take advantage of Independence Day. Kaboomsky wanted to make clear that the music would not be EDM, but rather IDM (Intellectual Dance Music). "The difference between the two is you never hear IDM on the radio. You will come to these events and hear songs for the first time and probably the last time. This is obscure music you can't Shazam."

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Kaboomsky said the ethos of IDM, Trade's specialty, extends beyond the music and flows into the way venues like Trade treat its patrons. "There's no velvet ropes here. What you're wearing and who you are doesn't matter. We even move towards a cell phone free environment where there's no flash photography."

The DJs that will be playing in July are being brought in from all the IDM hotspots of the world. July 1 will feature Shiba San, A Paris-based hip-hop veteran who describes his sound as "bass heavy ghetto funk." July 3 sees Apollonia, another French export specializing in deep house. On July 8 there's Pig & Dan, a duo who mix hip-hop, dub, and soul. Roman Flügel will be given the spotlight July 15 to dispense his German beats. July 22, sees Magda, a Berlin-based label head, and, finally, the month long pass comes to a close on July 29 with Robag Wruhme and Nick Höppner, who DJs at the famed Berlin club, Berghain.

If all this is making your mouth water, it's best to act fast because as the deal is only going to be available through the July 4 weekend at residentadvisor.net.

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