Top Ten Musical Makeover Stunts: From Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber and Micheal Jackson

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So much of today's music industry is image. But what happens when a pop star totally hates the way that she's been played out by her PR people?

She takes matters into your own hands. She makes the kind of fashion-forward, control-taking maneuver that horrifies her record label and confuses everyone around her. She also gets a lot of exciting attention.

Sometimes, it works out. And sometimes, it goes horribly wrong. Just take a look at Crossfade's top ten attention-stunt musical makeovers.

Miley Cyrus

Poor little Miley has got it bad. She's well into her 19th year, but everyone still sees her as that sweet little girl on the Disney show. Well, except for all that business about the salvia, side boob, and penis cake. But that's just in good fun, right? Apparently not. It seems Miley is one edgy motherfucker. Maybe her new coif will win over some illustrious cool-kid fans. But probably not.

Justin Bieber

Speaking of child stars breaking away from their nicey, goody image, this Canadian boy wonder is a concealed weapons permit away from being the hardest northern export since Drake. He's no longer just Justin Bieber. Rapper 2 Chainz named him "Lil Swaggy," and he seems to take the nickname seriously. Just don't bring your guns to the airport, Biebz. That never ends well.

Christina Aguilera

Before Rihanna was a good girl gone bad, there was Xtina. By 2002, the pop tart dropped her fourth album, Stripped, and sexed up that sweet genie in the bottle. Everyone was pretty shocked by her suddenly wild ways, but she succeeded in reinventing herself, escaping the Britney-wannabe shadow, once and for all.

Fat Joe

But not all transformations are about throwing your squeaky-clean image into the trash can. Sometimes, it's just about changing your lifestyle. Look at Fat Joe. He's like the Subway Jared of the rap game. He lost almost 100 pounds for the sake of his health, probably the best excuse for a makeover on this list. Cheers, Fat Joe. Lookin' good, buddy.

Susan Boyle

You may remember this woman as the unfortunate-looking yet extremely gifted Scottish singer from Britain's Got Talent. Her audition video made quite a stir on YouTube. Basically because everyone couldn't believe something so beautiful could come from something so homely ... Douchebags. But now, the Hollywood machine has worked its makeover magic.

Garth Brooks

Sure, you know about Garth Brooks. But do you fuck with Chris Gaines? He is Brooks' fictional rock 'n' roll alter ego, a guy who sports long, dark hair and a lot more eye makeup. Apparently, Gaines was supposed to go along with a movie that Brooks never completed called The Lamb. However, since that flick never happened, Garth just comes off as weird. Gaines released only one album in 1999, but it did have a Top 40 hit with "Lost In You." For the most part, though, people just pretend this never happened.

Taylor Momsen

From red carpets to Warped Tour, this girl also reinvented herself with the help of some heavy eyeliner. Made famous by roles in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and gooey teen drama Gossip Girl, Momsen grew tired of acting like someone else and decided she'd start a music career. "Music is where I can be me," she said, and she promptly headed for the nearest fetish shop to complete her transformation. Cindy Lou Who no more, motherfuckers.


Alright ... So this one isn't so much a reinvention of image as a reinvention of style. Does anyone else remember when Pink was a dope R&B singer? Apparently, that was like, the worst time of her life, because she backlashed against it pretty hard with her second album, Missundaztood. You know, fuck L.A. Ried and stuff.

Katy Hudson

Who the hell is Katy Hudson? Oh, right ... That's Katy Perry without the peppermint tits. This ridiculous bitch used to have terrible hair and make Christian music. Good thing she decided to pick up drinking and start having more casual sex. Or else she never would have gotten all those Grammy noms.

Michael Jackson

It's just not a list about changing faces unless you put M.J. in it to win it. Like, seriously, what the hell was this dude thinking? In the end, it doesn't matter. He still produced one of the greatest overall pop catalogues of all time. Still, we'll all be trippin' on that mug for generations. Guess we should say thanks for the LOLs.

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