Tonight! Rodney Atkins Brings Blue-Collar Attitude to Round Up

Our esteemed Lee Zimmerman caught up with Rodney Atkins and confirmed that the "It's America" singer is every bit as laid-back as he seems.

One thing Thursday night's audience at Round Up can expect is someone who doesn't want to spend all of his time in the dressing room getting ready.

"It's really just me," Atkins insists. "Talk about going through hell...

On the very first photo shoot I did with the label, they flew me out to

somewhere I'd never been before and told me, 'We want you to be

completely natural and be yourself.' So we get out there and they bring a

hairstylist -- hairdresser, I don't know what you call 'em, hair person --

and they're gooing you up and doing all this stuff to ya. And they

expect you to look comfortable. That didn't work. Jeans, ball cap,

T-shirt -- that's me... and luckily that's worked."

Rodney Atkins, 9 p.m. Friday, March 25, at Round Up, 9020 W. State Road

84, Davie. Tickets cost $25 in advance, $35 at the door. 954-423-1604; click here.

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