Tonight in Live Music, Wednesday, August 6

Today, a former prison guard (who won't admit it) gives back to his old 'hood in Miami, spacey nu-prog rockers touch down in Ft. Lauderdale, and two top-notch weekly events keep on keeping on. -- Arielle Castillo

*This is really more of a free daytime charity event, but if you find yourself around Carol City this afternoon, stop by the annual Rick Ross Be Out Day, which promises a few star appearances. Click here to read more about the event.

*Modern-day space rockers Coheed and Cambria play at Revolution, their first club gig in South Florida in a while. Their opening acts, Russian Circles and Secret Machines, show the band is aiming to further expand its fanbase and its sound. Read a quick bit about them here, or check out a feature on the band from the Miami New Times last November, when the band had just released its most recent record, No World For Tomorrow.

*Crazy Foolz and Stray Bombs play at the weekly Dub’d Out event at Delux in Delray Beach. Between the bands and the Djs, expect a blend of groovy vibes from surf rock, to reggae, to ska, to a little punk, to, of course, dub. Click here to read more about it.

*Over at Churchill's in Miami, the featured guests at tonight's edition of Can You Rock a Little Softer? are Ravelsteen and Sol. Click here to read why CYRALS got the Miami New Times nod this year for Best Open-Mike Night.

*Who knows who will turn up at any given event of the dinner-party-turned-just-straight-up-party, Miami L.I.V.E. at Santo? With a live R&B band, any number of urban music illuminati have, and continue to, show up to throw down. Click here to read why Miami New Times named it Best Weekly Party.

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Arielle Castillo
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