Tiësticle: Backlash and Incendiary Comments From Our Tiësto vs. Led Zeppelin Poll

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Tiësto? Ha, more like "Tiësticle," as Ashley Swanson put it.

It was a seemingly collective tone among outraged Crossfade readers who took to New Times' official Facebook page and voiced their adamant displeasure with our poll.

We asked, "Is Tiësto the Led Zeppelin of Electronic Dance Music?" Within minutes, comments were pouring in from every corner of the tri-county area. Folks weighed in heavily on what may be 2012's most controversial comparison, the result of a two-second sound bite off the In the Booth teaser trailer.

"The whole premise of this post is insane," writes Sam Heywood of Miami. "Tiësto is the Captain and Tennille of EDM."

Harsh criticism in deed, the Captain and Tennille are the butt of a long-running joke known as soft rock. While incredibly clever, comparing Tiësto to Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille unsympathetically cruel.

Sabrina Topp was "offended" by our poll and Jorge Martin Berreto begged us to "get new writers." He thinks we're "becoming shittier and shittier."


Mr. Berreto, if you'd like to join our staff please send a resume and writing samples to crossfade@miaminewtimes.com. We're always looking for tightwads who can't decipher satire.

Over on Tiësto's Facebook page, nearly 500 multi-lingual comments from around the globe flooded the site, all mostly positive. The bulk of negative comments were cries of "apples to oranges," but some folks flatly denounced the mere thought of Tiësto on the same pedestal as Led Zeppelin.

Jan Ladd thinks Tiësto's an auto-mixing sham.

Lmfao. Definitely not. I saw him once and that was more than enough. Actually, I was pissed I spent as much as I did to see Tiësto because it was probably the worst show I've ever been too. He put memory sticks into the players and let it auto-mix. Tiësto sucks compared to what he used to be. I'll never put out any money for anything he's got his hands in anymore. Lost all my respect for him after that show.

Some think Tiësto's American superstardom has been the Dutchman's downfall, including Mikey J. Moran.

In fact, several folks who commented felt Tiësto has lost his Midas touch, claiming he's a sellout, a lame, mainstream frat-bro fantasy.

"I love you Tiësto, but you are the bane of true EDM," writes Scottsdale, Arizona's Nicholas Capertina. "You're over-saturating our scene with hipster club kids. It's the early 2000s all over again."

Tiësto plays Ultra Music Festival 2012. Friday, March 23, to Sunday, March 25, 2012. Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Tickets are sold out. Visit ultramusicfestival.com.

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