Timescape Zero Reunion at Churchill's Tonight

You wanna sit there and tell me that reunion shows are bunkum cliché? Okay. Go ahead. Me personally? I'd rather see a local band reunite for an evening's worth of mayhem than watch some pretty, washed-up cluster-fucks from somewhere else. Unless you're talking about the reanimated corpse of D. Boon alongside George Hurley and Mike Watt running wild through a by-the-tracks rendition of Double Nickels on the Dime, I'm not interested. 

In any event, one of my most treasured Florida records is the little black - and - white seven-inch split by Subliminal Criminal and Timescape Zero. I'm running close on spinning it to death, so when I got the electronic invite by Adel "156" Souto for a "last time ever for the final time" reunion gig of Timescape doing it one more time at Churchill's, I got super-excited. 

You should too. This is one of the seminal South Florida bands that defined a genre within our confines and moreover, set a high bar for nationwide acts to follow.

If you think "metalcore" is something you saw on MTV a decade ago, you'd be better off calling your personnel accountant and cashing in on the IRA of your pathetic life. Sorry. Maybe you'll make off like a bandit but I'll live a penniless existence of contentment and happiness. Oh well. Kali yuga to you, dickie.

It was eighteen years ago that Timescape Zero formed after the ashes of many bands. Comprised mostly by Adel 156 on vocals and Kyle Miller on drums with a small army of bass and guitar players rounding out the gigs and recordings, they'll be forever be remembered as the local stalwarts who opened stages for Sick of it All, Shelter, Into Another and a slew of nationwide hardcore acts.

While I'm not entirely sure as to what has happened to all of those who ranked amongst the files of Timescape Zero, I do know that Adel has maintained his writing spirit strong through the years based on his literary musings from the sorely missed Feast of Hate and Fear zine and digital codex as well as appearing on numerous recordings, my favorite of which was on DNME's Last of a Dying Breed CD alongside my pal and brother Alex Del Bueno (Rest in Peace holmes!!!).

But enough is enough from my end... the whiskey and community service are talking right now and it would only be a disservice to a beautiful time in my life when coming home sweaty meant something and little records we never would've thought would mean much, actually did. So for whatever the clichés worth, I'm glad the reunion's going down. Other outfits of my youth take note, please.

Timescape Zero with Hardware Youth, RAUH, Maldito, Hellmass, Los Bastardos Magnificos and Betrayed by Life on Friday, May 21st at 8:30 p.m. at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd AVE, Miami. Call 305-757-1806 or visit

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Abel Folgar