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Timbalive Offers Cubaneo at La Casa de Tula This Friday

Time once again to tip you, the dear readers of Crossfade, off to some sweet, sweet cubaneo. You know it, you love it. You know we love it. That Cuban swing is a big part of our fair city's cultural lifeblood. And on the menu for this week's recommended sumptuous sampling, Timbalive, throwing it down, as the band's suggests, live at La Casa de Tula. For lovers of Cuban music, or just those following along, timba is a relatively young genre of music out of the island, in comparison to longstanding mainstays like guaracha, and of course son. Those older genres form the basis for timba's mix of influences, which incorporate all that along with styles like rock and jazz.

And Timbalive are making good on the name, bringing timba of the finest caliber to 305 natives since 2008. Founded by drummer, vocalist, and musical director Leo Garcia, the group makes use of those descargas typical of the genre, packing dancefloors and ultimately leaving the masses dizzy and breathless, but damn satisfied.

Timbalive. Friday, May 21. La Casa de Tula, 1513 SW Eighth St., Miami. 305-910-5435; lacasadetula.com

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