Timb and Andrew Bayuk Tonight at Atmosphere Lounge

Tonight there's a going to be a good set of music going on over at Atmosphere Lounge in Fort Lauderdale. Coral Springs-based folks singer Andrew Bayuk will be on hand singing songs of love, of protest, of peace, and of passion. He's been grinding away in South Florida's indie music scene for years and will definitely put on a good show. His set starts around 9ish and he should be playing for just under an hour.

After him, Timb (pictured above) will step to the microphone and hit listeners with a wide array of genre criss-crossing material that jumps from comedic rap to country to electro to whatever the hell else he wants to play. He definitely has a unique stage presence and loves to entertain audiences rather than just stand on stage and play his material. Plus he's got a funky style of dress and is a master of capturing people's attention without having to say a word.

In addition I got an email from Timb last week stating that Aaron (also pictured above) of the Freakin' Hott will be there performing as too. It's a welcome addition to the show so if you're looking for something left-of-center to get into this evening, come and check it out. All the info you'll need is below.

Atmosphere Lounge

300 SW First Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL


--Jonathan Cunningham

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