Thurston Moore Headlining O, Miami 2013 With Obama's Fave 305 Poet Richard Blanco

Hey Thurston: We love you, too!

Yes, it's true. The Sonic Youth founder, Chelsea Light Moving axeslinger, and all-around Renaissance dude-nerd can't get enough of the Magic City.

After attending every single event hosted throughout the entirety of Dade County during Basel 2012, Moore included a gig with Rat Bastard and Kenny Millions at the Jellyfish Brothers' space in Wynwood on his Best of 2012. In fact, the show tops Thurston's list at number one.

And did we mention he's coming back? Yep. He's so smitten with our fair Big Mango that he plans to shower us with poetry as part of O, Miami 2013 this April.

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Moore's year-end list appeared on the Matador Records blog. And he had no shortage of praise for the last night of his whirlwind trip to (and through) the 305:

I went down to play a solo gig in Mami during Art Basel and the next morning I'm having Cubano breakfast with Rat Bastard. We're gonna do a secret noise show in a warehouse that night and when I walk out on the street to lick some sunrays this kid comes up to me and sez he's the son of David Amram (jazz bop poet pianist who pal'd around with Kerouac) and he's touring around with a Japanese girl trio and they're looking for a gig. I say "hold on", and I fetch Rat and he meets them and they say "we are noise group" and he sez "be at the warehouse at midnight and you can play" and they do and they are AMAZING. A cross between Gong and Teenage jesus. I haven't stood there so enjoyingly stunned in front of a band since maybe seeing Afri Rampo (also Japanese girl noise) tear shit up when they first came over ten years ago.

It should come as no shock that Moore will be returning to perform again this April at the New World Center in South Beach. But some may be surprised to learn that he won't be performing music.

He'll be reading poetry. And that's not all. His appearance is actually part of an O, Miami event featuring Richard Blanco, the poet selected by President Barack Obama to read at this year's inauguration.

Details are scarce at the moment, but we'll keep you up-to-speed as more is revealed about this dynamically high-profile occasion. Be sure to sign up for the University of Wynwood's newsletter to be first in line for tickets when they go on sale.

We have one question: Where's the afterparty?

Thurston Moore and Richard Blanco. As part of O, Miami 2013. Sunday, April 28. New World Center, 500 17th St., Miami Beach. Visit

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