Throwback Tuesdays - the O'Jays Perform Tonight at the Seminole Hard Rock

It's good news to know that the O'Jays are still touring. They were easily one of the best R&B groups of the '70s and have a long list of hits that should make for a fun show tonight at the Hard Rock.

But there's also been a lot of tragedy surrounding the group's lead singer, Eddie Levert, who lost both of his sons, Gerald Levert and Sean Levert four months apart in 2006/2007. Both deaths were unexpected and must have been incredibly hard on Eddie. So it's good to see that Eddie is doing what he loves and singing with the O'Jays again.

Above is a video for one of my favorite O'Jays songs of all time, "Let me Make Love to You." When Eddie starts it out, the first 10 words alone are sung more powerful than 95% of R&B today. They don't make songs like that anymore, and you've got to have a hole in your soul not to feel this one. Check out the wall of Afros in the front row of the video LOL.

And follow the jump for one of the best ex-boyfriend songs in the history of soul music. If only R&B groups would dress like this below and use syncopated dance steps again, the genre would be in much better shape.

-- Jonathan Cunningham

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