Throwback Tuesdays: The Beat Club - "Security"

While we’re on the subject of old dance jams, here’s another classic: “Security” by the Beat Club, which dropped around ’87 or ’88. This classic record had both that tinkle-tinkle that linked it both to freestyle and electro in these parts and the emerging early rave sound in England – which gave it massive legs, even cracking the Top 75 singles chart in the U.K.

Besides those amazingly creepy percolating bass and synth lines, what’s even more awesome is that Beat Club hail from Miami, made up mostly of the husband-wife team of Ony Rodriguez and Mirey Valls. They later formed their own label, Electrobeat , and still release music. The latest: a Beat Club full-length album, Minimalista, officially released this past January and available for download (for just $6.99!) on the web site.

The first, oh, decade’s history of the Beat Club is summed up in this 1995 article from Miami New Times. The band’s Wikipedia page also claims that this year should see a promotional tour by the group, but there’s not exactly a wealth of information on the Electrobeat site, and the label’s Myspace page seems to have been deleted.… Well, let’s hope they pop out of the woodwork again. -- Arielle Castillo

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