Throwback Tuesdays: Street Masters Crew

Instead of just posting an old song, this time around, Throwback Tuesdays brings you a bunch of video goodness of some Miami legends who represented a these-days-often-forgotten element of hip-hop: B-boying! (No b-girls in these videos, oh well – if anyone out there knows of some web videos of breakdancing Miami females, please pass them along and I will post).

The footage in this clip dates from about 10 years or so ago and features the Street Masters Crew, who are still active – check their sort-of-official-looking Myspace page here.

The moves are great, but the throwback jams in the background are pretty excellent as well. I especially love at the beginning how the voice-over yells: “We’re taking it back to the Hot Wheels days!” That first jam in the background is “Cheap Thrills” by Planet Patrol, released in 1983 but living on at that skating rink forever! I can taste the rectangular pizza and roller-skate-decorated sheet birthday cake now.

Don't know what the second song is -- someone help?

Third, of course, is “Clear” by CYBOTRON (i.e. the amazing Juan Atkins!) from around 1983… (And of course familiar to anyone who’s played Grand Theft Auto, Vice City).

Whoever made this video originally (it’s so hard to tell on YouTube!) thanks for the trips down memory lane, on several levels. – Arielle Castillo

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