Three Ways Drake Should Squash Chris Brown Beef

Drake may or may not have instigated a New York City club brawl that left convicted woman beater Chris Brown with a small, bloody gash on his chin last week, but Drizzy's label head wants whatever beef between the two rappers squashed.

According to TMZ, Young Money boss Lil Wayne and his crew want Drake to make amends because the Breezy/Drizzy beef is bad for business.

"Sources tell us, Wayne and co. are worried the rift will affect business since Brown appears on several tracks with Young Money members," TMZ reports, "and pure and simple, Brown = hits."

So just how should Drake tell Brown that he's sorry? Here are some suggestions.

A Puppy

Breezy's got a soft spot for dogs, particularly pit bull terriers. Homie even breeds them in his own backyard.

But that doesn't mean Drizzy shouldn't extend the ultimate olive branch, a purebred chow chow or Tibetan mastiff, two of the world's most expensive breeds. Nothing says I'm sorry like a cute and cuddly pup.

Rihanna Concert Tickets

Ever since the restraining order was lifted, Breezy and Rhi-Rhi have been spotted at the same event numerous times. Howver, Brown has yet to see Rihanna live since the incident.

Since Drizzy's pretty close with Rihanna, maybe he could hook Brown up with floor seats to Rihanna's next show.

Punching Bag

Everyone knows that Chris Brown's a hothead. After all, the low-life beat a beautiful woman and somehow managed to win America's collective heart back by punking everyone into believing that he's a changed man. C'mon, there's no way Breezy's a changed man. He's still a d-bag with a short fuse.

It'd be incredibly thoughtful if Drake sent Brown a punching bag with a note that said, "Stay out of jail and in the studio. Punch this instead. Love, the guy who's fucking the love of your life."

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