Three Acoustic Lil Wayne Covers to Celebrate Weezy's MTV Unplugged Episode

Did you see last week's episode of 16 and Pregnant? It was about a vulnerable teen girl and her decision to keep the baby growing in her junior-year belly.

It's OK if you missed it, though. MTV will probably air that episode again. But don't expect it to be on June 12 at 9 p.m. 'cause that's when the popular music channel will reach deep into its vault of quality programming, like an obstetrician reaching in to deliver a newborn child, and pluck out a screaming Lil Wayne.

Weezy is teaming up with the network for an episode of Unplugged, which will premiere simultaneously on MTV, MTV2, and MTV.com. (The show's taping tonight, May 12, in Los Angeles.) An MTV executive told Billboard.com that the show was "pulled together quickly," and that the New Orleans rapper has been tweaking the set daily.

Crossfade's only speculating, but we think the Cash Money Millionaire's been spending too much time on YouTube watching white folks cover his music with acoustic guitars, and that's making him a little nervous. After all, his acoustic versions will likely be compared with YouTube subscriber misterrogers28.

Or maybe Weezy's worried about living up to drmquenkp. Her version of "Lollipop" is one of the sweetest covers we've heard this year.

When colinw126 performed "Duffel Bag" at his fraternity's annual dance-a-thon, people actually thought Weezy had shown up to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. But when they looked up, it was Colin in cargo shorts. 

Naturally, after watching those videos, Weezy's probably experiencing some Unplugged jitters. But keep your head up, Lil Wayne. You're a much better guitarist than all of those fools.

Okay, maybe not a better guitarist, but at least you're a dope lyricist.

Set your VCRs, Lil Wayne's Unplugged airs June 12 at 9 p.m. on MTV, MTV2 and MTV.com

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