Thousands Stolen from Farewell Fundraiser for The State Of's Nabedi Osorio

A fundraiser on Sunday for one of Miami's most beloved musicians, Nabedi Osorio, was spoiled when the cashbox was stolen towards the end of the night.

Hundreds gathered at The Stage for NabediPalooza, a farewell party and fundraiser for Osorio, one half of The State Of and a dear friend to many in Miami's music scene.

"There were at least 200 people there," Osorio tells Crossfade. "And I know several people put in hundred dollar bills, because they told me. Even more said, 'We're making sure you're being taken care of.' I wouldn't be surprised if it was over two grand in there."

After thirteen years of playing music in Miami, Osorio's friends, family, and musical collaborators came together to see her off and help her on her way.

She stayed on stage for most of the show, drumming as a part of The State Of, Afrobeta, and several other groups. She also played guitar and bass to the accompaniment of two of her drumming students, an eleven-year-old girl and the son of artist Romero Britto.

"I've been a musician my whole life and have been to so many events and supported so many friends. But I've never seen anything like what it was in that room," Osorio says. "There was so much love. I was floored and taken aback."

And instead of letting the theft bring her down, it has inspired Osorio to make NabediPalooza a yearly event. In future years, she hopes to raise money that can be dispersed throughout Miami and enrich the cultural scene.

"I want to make it extremely clear how grateful I am," she says. "Just because one bad person walked in there who didn't belong, they didn't ruin what happened. Even though my money was taken, they couldn't take my satisfaction. That was seriously the best day of my life."

Steve Santana and Jason Jeffers have set up a PayPal donation site for those who'd like to help Nabedi at binarypanda.com/nabedi.

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