Thomas Gold: "Space Is an Institution for the Real Clubbers, for the House Music Lovers"

They say James Brown was the "hardest working man in show business," but German house producer Thomas Gold can probably relate.

He's been on the road pretty much constantly throughout 2013. Whenever he's not rocking parties from here to the Grecian islands, Asia, or Tomorrowland, he's snuggled up with his gear in the studio, banging out beats to feed the freaks. And he's already planning big U.S. and Asian tours for next year, because sleep is for the dead.

Gold took a break for a few minutes to catch up with Crossfade over Skype, which was nice of him, because he's busy preparing for this Saturday's show at Space.

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Crossfade: What's up? You're in Berlin in the studio, what are you working on?

Thomas Gold: I have a couple of ideas and vocal tracks I'm working on right now. I try to use as much time as I can in between the gigs and the traveling before I go back on tour again.

Do you prefer one thing over the other at all, touring or performing as opposed to being in the studio?

I like both. For me, it's important to have a balance of both. If you travel, you see a lot of places and meet a lot of people. It's always fun to play in a club and be out there, be a part of the nightlife, actually play out the tracks and see the people reacting to it. But on the other hand, I need my time for myself to focus on the music, to be just by myself in the studio with my stuff. I love to get lost in my things.

Last time we spoke, you talked about how much you love LIV. What's your favorite thing about playing Space?

I like the all-over vibe. It's not that much of a VIP club, it's more of a real clubbers club, and they have these long after-hours. They have the Terrace, which I will be playing on. I just love the room and how it's set up, the crazy crowd. You can go there until the sun comes up, and it's a very open-minded crowd. I think Space is an institution for the real clubbers, for the house music lovers.

You know whoever is coming out to a party at Space in the wee hours of the morning is there because they really want to be.

Yeah, there's nothing better than just seeing the sun come up and dancing in the sunlight. You can't have that everywhere.

On Twitter, you said you're preparing for a special extended set. You going to be droppin' some new songs?

I have a couple of unreleased tracks which I'm sure I'm going to be playing there, but I'm not sure yet what exactly I'm going to do, because I'm still working on my stuff. I'm in the studio right now, another idea might pop up, I have a couple of rough things in mind. Maybe I'll work one of them out, because Space is a good place to test out things and see the reaction of the crowds, to play maybe unusual stuff. There will surely be something new and fresh from my set.

In your new video for "Remember," all these different stop on the elevator are exciting party spots or festivals, and I think that really shows how much traveling you've been doing. You've played all over the world this year. Have you made any interesting observations?

One of my thoughts was that the festival scene is exploding. There are so many new festivals coming up, even here in Europe. There is more stuff than I expected, there's so much stuff going on, and people are like, I don't know, just hungry for partying. I'm glad to see how crazy people get about the music, how many people attend the festivals and how cool and positive the vibe is. If you take for example EDC in Las Vegas or TomorrowLand, there's all these nations coming together, and everyone is friendly and having fun. The music is connecting people from all over the world. I had the impression that this year was, for me, and I think for also from an outside point of view, it's the biggest year for the EDM scene and for the festival thing. Also, the clubs are growing here in Europe, and it's really amazing to see that.

You mention how even in Europe there's an explosion. Everyone wants to talk about how it's growing in America, but it's cool how even in Europe, where there's been a long-standing tradition of dance music, there is growth.

You can see there's a new generation coming up, and it was really obvious this year when I played for example in Greece or in Italy. There's so many really young clubbers now, and they're completely going crazy. It's really amazing to see that and the beautiful thing in Europe is, you have this mix of the organically-grown club culture plus now the new generation coming up. There's this mixing now, and the clubs are really taking care of the production side. They have new LED screens, all of the effects. They take care about the design of the club, about the sound systems a lot. I saw loads of new and brilliant sound systems, which is for myself the most important thing in the club, that the sound is good.

"Remember" is about finding love on the dance floor, which is a common theme in house music. But growing up, you hear that you never find a nice boy in the club. Is it possible to find love on the dance floor?

Of course you find nice people on the dance floor, and maybe it's not love for a lifetime but it can be very positive and so yeah, I would say it's possible.

Have you ever found love on a dance floor?

Not right on the dance floor but right next to it.

In the DJ booth sometimes?

No, not in the DJ booth. Actually, on the way out.

Too busy when you're DJing to find love?

Actually, I was not DJing on that night.

Oh, go on.

The rest is secret, haha.

Besides you're awesome set coming up at Space, what can we look forward to in the coming months? Do you think you might finish any of these tracks, do you put timelines on yourself like that?

Yeah, absolutely I will. I have a bunch of really nice ideas which I am really excited about, and some of them are close to being final. I just want to make sure it's 100 percent what I want, so I will have something ready at the latest by I'd say beginning of next year. Also, I'm preparing a big U.S. tour for January, and then there's a lot of stuff coming up tour-wise in February, the Asian side of the world. That's what's in the pipeline right now.

Damn, the party never stops.

No, it shouldn't!

Thomas Gold. Saturday, Nov. 23, at the Terrace at Space, 34 N.E. 11th St., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $30 to $40 plus fees via wantickets.com. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-375-0001 or visit clubspace.com.

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