This Just In: Yelle Coming to Miami, Oct. 10 @ the Polish American Club

Just got the announcement that cutesy Gallic electro-pop chanteuse Yelle is launching a full-scale tour this fall, and heading down to these parts -- actually, Miami proper. (Good idea -- she's definitely got more of a fun-times Miami vibe than a Ft.Lauderdale-rock-venue vibe).

The show date is October 10. No surprise that it's a Poplife booking!

What's funny is the venue she's playing -- the Polish American Club. Remember that place? (Poplife famously put on Of Montreal there a couple years back). I guess it kind of fell by the wayside for a while when Studio A was going, but now with Studio A out of the picture, the PAC is the only possibility in Miami proper with that much general admission space. Too bad it's so far out of the way and has such a terrible parking setup (I have horrible memories of circling around all those West Miami-Dade apartment complexes and strip malls). But hey, at least you won't have to worry too much about getting held up on the way back to your car while wearing a silly neon outfit.

More info about ticket presales and so on when it becomes available. But for now, enjoy this video for "A Cause Des Garcons" after the jump.

-- Arielle Castillo

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