Art Basel Miami Beach

Wigwood Takes Over 777 Mall During Art Basel

Catch Miami's Yoko Oso and others at 777 International Mall.
Catch Miami's Yoko Oso and others at 777 International Mall. Photo by Karli Evans
"Are you on the list?" are the five dreaded words no partier wants to hear during Miami's most anticipated week of the year. While it's no secret that most of the hottest Miami Art Week events require direct Hilton lineage to gain entry, the rest of Miami is trying to find that one friend who claims to know the artist. But fear no more. Wigwood is taking over Mana Contemporary's 777 International Mall for a highly anticipated, "one-of-a-kind art-world drag experience," and you're invited.

Wigwood recently announced that the annual queer festival will return February 1 through 3, 2019, presenting local and national talent and entertainment such as queer performances, drag shows, live music, DJs, artists, and more. The weekend-long party will kick off February 1 aboard the Musette yacht and set sail on Biscayne Bay for a four-hour bash. The bacchanal will continue February 2 at Gramps, followed by a day of fun in the sun February 3 at the Broken Shaker for the closing pool party.

But this Saturday, December 8, Wigwood Festival will give Miami a dose of what's to come this February. A special Art Basel edition will offer interactive performances by Kunst, Merrie Cherry, Amal Kiosk, Ti To, Dasha Dix, Ded Cooter, and Yoko Oso.

The show will include performances in various locations throughout the mall, such as the elevator, staircase, and storage closet. "I wanted to do something that was a little bit different than the traditional drag show," Wigwood co-organizer Queef Latina says. She'll be the night's "mall guide," leading the audience to each of the seven performances across the shopping center's three floors.

"It's just going to be a very fun space, and it's going to be very different than the whole, like, 'Oh, go to an art fair and look at art,' you know?" she explains. "It's gonna take away the seriousness. Not to say these performers aren't serious, but it's gonna be just something that is completely different and is really focused mostly on local and queer art as well."

She encourages Miami to head to 777 early to catch a full day of programming before the show, including "gentrification exorcisms" with Lolita Cabrón from 3 to 8 p.m. at Lizbo Arts and Culture Center (and Spa), among other diversions. After the takeover, head to the mall's basement for Vidium's eighth-annual Art Basel Distraction, beginning at 10 p.m. The mall will offer programming throughout Miami Art Week.

"I just want the audience to walk out of there with a different idea of what drag can be," Queef Latina says. "It's not the traditional nightclub scene; it's not the traditional death-drop Top 40 songs. It can be an experience. It could be something that is emotional and you can completely envelop yourself in the performance as opposed to just being a bystander. You can be part of it as well."

Wigwood Invades 777: Art Basel Edition. 7:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday, December 8, at 777 International Mall, 145 E. Flagler St., Miami. Admission is free.
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