Discretion Is Always Welcome Every Tuesday at Floyd

Come for the music; stay for the art.
Come for the music; stay for the art. Photo by Lauren Morell
I fondly remember walking around Coconut Grove on a Saturday night with my dad as a child. As we strolled around CocoWalk, live jazz bands played from all corners and the street artists would place their supplies on the ground and make intergalactic creations with little more than paint and a palette knife.

The music, combined with the hustle, fit the mold.

Entire festivals have been devoted to the harmony between music and art, from the psychedelic posters during the Summer of Love to the installations rising above the playa at Burning Man.

With that in mind, Club Space doormen Alan T (AKA Alan Tibaldeo) and Adam at the Door (AKA Adam Brien) have kickstarted Discretion, a night of music and live art every Tuesday at Floyd.

"You can't be a DJ and prepare for a set and also be working the door the whole time," Brien tells New Times from Tibaldeo's decadent, sensory-overloaded apartment in North Miami.

"It's like a house party that went public," Tibaldeo adds.

During the party's debut last month, Brien spun all night on vinyl, and Tibaldeo created art on the fly. Brien's tracklist ranged from lo-fi house to funk and disco.

"I started collecting vinyl very heavily about five months ago," Brien says. "Right after Miami Music Week, I left for London and shopped at a bunch of record shops, and returned with 70 records and then another 200 a couple of months later. Every record bought was with the intention of the party. It was the sounds that I wanted to hear."

That night, Alan T seamlessly managed the door while redesigning a pair of boots with spray paint. Brien, who wore the boots to the interview, remarks how much the bright color contrasts with the black leather.

"The artist paints for the dark lighting, and you're almost trying to add as much contrast," Brien explains. "Then when you see the final product, it's totally different. I thought of bringing an out-of-towner, but I wanted something night-of. So I reached out to Alan and said, 'I have these boots. Can you paint them?'"
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Live art and music on a Tuesday
Photo by 8RY8RY
Tibaldeo, who holds a master's in architecture from Columbia University, also brought his collages made from early-clubbing mementos during his days working with dance-music legend Danny Tenaglia. 

"When I was doing my first installment, it was pretty much pitch dark to the point that I said, 'That's what I'm going to do,' and went with this subconsciousness concept, and when daylight comes, I'll see what it looks like it," Tibaldeo explains. "So I brought the collages I did during the lockdown and loaded them up. I also pulled stuff from my ceiling and brought it to the club."

Brien and Tibaldeo started Discretion because they wanted to have a party in a low-stakes environment. As a result, there are no links to purchase tickets. The party operates on a need-to-know basis: If you're a regular, you will likely get the invite, but passersby can join the fun if they fork over the $40 cover charge.

At the door, Tibaldeo lets would-be club-goers know what they can expect: a dark and velvety affair with a single laser beam overhead and a wide range of music from 9 p.m. until late.

"The ethos of the door took me a long time to grapple with because Miami is saturated, and we need a space for creatives to meet up and exchange ideas," Brien says. "You can't do that in a club that's jam-packed."

While still early in the concept, each week has brought on new DJs like Miami's A.bort, Zunji, one-third of the DJ group Roujeee Tunes, Sinopoli, and New York City's Danilo Braca. Brien coordinates with the talent while Alan T reaches out to artists like Emmanuel Gorrin, MX, and Dodo, with the criteria that the artist be comfortable working in a live setting.

"Some artists say they will stay for only a couple hours but then are there all night," Tibaldeo says. "I think it's because there is so much interaction. If you're doing something interesting, people will ask you questions. You have to have someone who wants to be in the spotlight."

With Discretion, Brien and Tibaldeo are not looking to sell out tables at Floyd. The party is meant to offer something different on a Tuesday night.

"You can come after dinner," Brien says. "You may get caught up in the music, ideally, but at the end of the day, it's a party, but with more of a conversation on the dance floor."

Discretion. 9 p.m. Tuesdays, at Floyd, 34 NE 11th St., Suite B, Miami; 786-608-2824;
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