Thievery Corporation Coming to Fillmore Miami Beach on October 9

Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, a.k.a. Thievery Corporation, are bringing their electronica/lounge act Thievery Corporation to the Fillmore Miami Beach on October 9. Thievery are almost as well known for their politics as their music. They're big time supporters of the World Food Programme and have crafted more than a few politically driven songs (usually aimed at ending the war in a certain dry region). What's unique about their stances, is they don't come off as preachy or heavy handed. That's a good thing, because people don't want to listen to loungey trip hop sets and get inundated with "do this, don't do this" the whole time. Plus, it's hard to take any political message seriously when it's blasted out of speakers at three million decibels while pretty lights dance across the stage. Thievery is bringing along Ancient Astronauts (the band, not the dudes that helped build Rome) to warm up the crowd. Tickets go on sale this Saturday through Live Nation.

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