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The Shit Robot Show Explodes at the Vagabond's Fixed Freakout

Last night at the Fixed Freakout, Marcus Lambkin's Shit Robot Show made its Miami debut at the Vagabond in front of an ecstatic crowd of electro-poppers. Churning out reworked tracks from his back catalogue, the Irish-bred, Germany-based producer provided the perfect sonic nightcap after a day of fist pumping with frat bros 'round the Magic City.

We arrived relatively early, somewhere in the 11 o'clock hour. And we were surprised to find an empty chair at the Vagabond's front bar next to Miami's own Mr.Feathers. We shot the shit for a while, talked about his upcoming sets at Vagbond and Eve, our favorite venues. Yada, yada, yada.

At around 11:30, the Philly-based quartet, Pink Skull, took the stage with a blend of disco-punk-meets-synth-psychedelic. There still weren't many people at Vagabond, but by the end of their set the crowd had thickened, and frontman Julian Grefe had the entire room dancing to the "sound of guitars."

Mr. Feathers said Pink Skull was like the B-52s without the girl. He meant that in a totally gnarly way, we think.

After Pink Skull, we decided to go for a short walk over to Eve to meet a friend. It was well after midnight, and Ultra pookie heads were up to no good, littering the streets with Blow Pop wrappers, and baby pacifiers. It was too much to handle in our sober state, so we cut our meeting short, and headed back to Vagabond just as Marcus Lambkin was setting up.

The crowd for the Shit Robot Show was diverse and dense. Hipsters, ravers, and several New Times writers were the bulk of it, while a few fist pumpers, and tan, gym-type folks rounded it out.

At 12:30, Lambkin put on his ceremonial neon-headgear, and kicked off a solid hour-plus set with "Tuff Enough." As the song suggest, we didn't know what were feeling, but we were ready.

Later in the show, Lambkin took the Vagabond crowd into outer space, kicked it on the mood for a bit, then got wild and explored an entirely different galaxy.

Then something out of this world happened. James Murphy made an appearance... On Screen!

It's also worth mentioning that Simian Mobile Disco showed up for a surprise DJ set following the Shit Robot Show.

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