The Roots Performing in Miami for New Years Eve

Do you have plans for New Years yet? If you're a hip-hop fan,

then you do now. The Roots have announced that they'll be performing in

Miami--at the Florida Room

inside of the Delano Hotel of all places--on New Years Eve. It's

definitely going to be one of the hottest places to be in Miami rolling

into 2009.

It's an extremely intimate show for the Roots who will be

playing in a room that holds only 300 people. That's reason enough to

hurry up and get tickets and chances are, they will be selling out

quickly. There's even a rumor circulating right now that the Roots

might retire in the new year, so catching them now if you can is

important. It's the first time I've heard the rumor, and considering

the crazy bus accident they just survived last week in Paris, it's a plausible one. 


are on sale this week and are going for a whopping $350 a piece. That

sounds real bad, I know. But it does include open-bar (until 1 a.m.)

and you're getting to see the Roots perform a very intimate show on

South Beach for New Years. For more info, call 305 674-6152.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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