The Quotable Gunplay: "Hos," "Pills," and the "Gift and Curse of Being Under Rick Ross"

Gunplay is not one to hold his tongue.

The Maybach Music rapper offered so much colorful commentary during the interviews for our recent two-part feature ("How Miami's Coke-Sniffin', Po' Pimpin' Maniac Joined Rap's Power Circle" and "Gunplay on His Swastika Tattoo, Starting Escort Agency, Rebranding Himself as Don Logan"), we could hardly fit it all in.

Here are the most entertaining outtakes. Or as we here at Crossfade like to say, The Quotable Gunplay.

On his wildman persona:

It took a while for people to actually catch on. They were like, 'He's crazy. He's gonna self destruct his system. Don't worry about him. You're gonna see him on the front page.' Nah! I've been doing this for a long time. That's what everybody in my Maybach Music family, that's what they love me for. They love Gunplay, man. When we just started getting on the road, I was the motherfucker going from room to room like, 'Where da bitches at,' with my towel on, just finished [having sex] with this ho, telling this ho to chill in the room, cause my dog got another ho waiting for me. But I don't want to kick this one out 'cause I'm gonna fuck her again later on tonight. So let me just tell my dawg to flee out the room real quick, let me bust her guts. I used to be wild like that, but I started focusing.

On carving his own lane:

I ain't with the overnight success shit, because you don't appreciate it. I had to take the long way around, and then it's a gift and a curse being under Ross. One of the 48 laws of power is never try to step in a great man's shoes. So I said, 'OK, I'm going to create my own lane. What do I know how to do best? Have fun and wile the fuck out.' Gunplay is on that. Gunplay is wiling out like that. It's believable.

On being Gunplay:

I shoot first, ask questions later, man. I ain't gonna let you knock on my mama's door and tell my mama no bullshit. It ain't gon' happen. I'm gon' call my mama: "Mama, this fuck nigga, I had to handle my business. Call a lawyer right quick. Come get me, Mama!" Nah, I put her through enough, I don't call my mama no more. I just call my dog, my lawyer, call my bondsman ... I'm up out this bitch.

On settling down:

I might pop a little pill here and there with my girl, fuck for a couple of hours--five, six hours sometimes--and enjoy the shit. I ain't gonna go downstairs and be shooting in the air, 'Haaaaaa! Gunplayyy! Hahaha!' Naw, I'm chilling, man. I'm on my eighth prestige on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

On representing for the havenots:

I'm not really that flashy type of dude... 'Cause to me that gets boring after a while. When a nigga ain't got no money, you really in bad mood, I don't want to hear no motherfucker talking about, 'I just bought 40 Ferraris in 40 minutes, son! Word! I drove them all at the same time! I just gave some away to a bum on the corner! Word! I got 80 karats in one stone on my ear! Look, my ear's falling to the floor I got so much money! I burned a million to light a joint!' I don't want to hear that shit.

On his artistic process:

If I'm working and I know I gotta buckle down for a mixtape or something like that, I go into a mode like I'm in now: I drink a fifth of gin a day, get on my pills, don't shave, and just write.

On his escort agency, Apples and Onions:

I got some real solid hustlers out in Vegas and San Fran, they're gonna set it off. When you see 'em, they're bad, you gon' want to spend that. Sex has been selling since the beginning of time. It's never gonna stop. It's never a drought, it's never a dull year. The business is a billion dollars a year. You're not gonna tell me I can't get at least $15 million out of that $1 billion. It's impossible.

On entertaining:

This is the entertainment business, man. Entertain the people, man! If you go out there, [mumbling], 'Yo, this is Gunplay, Carol City Cartel, Triple Cs...' But if you go out there and say, [shouting], 'Yo! This Gunplay! Don Logan! I'm out of this world! Welcome to my universe! I'm motherfuckin' Jupiter Jack! And I represent two Ms! Murder, mayhem, machines, machetes, millions, Maseratis, motherfucker! Making miracles, money-motivated Miami material! Oh, and you know I represent Three C's! Color, Cut, Clarity! Carol City Cartel! Cannabis cup champion! Corporate cash cows! Now, cocksucker, Christmas is canceled! I'm out!' Entertain the people.

On his spending habits:

I know when I get money, I be wilin' the fuck out. I got to go to the club every night, spend this, buy that, buy this car, wreck it, take it back, [ask the dealer to] give me some other shit. I really didn't even want that from the jump. But I got five more thousand, put something on something else.

On his limited role on Maybach Music Group's albums:

People be in your ear, like, "Why you ain't at Warner Brothers?" And I say, "Chill, my man, I got this. I been doing this longer than you been watching porn, bruh."

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