The Polish Ambassador Gives Away His Entire Discography, Defeats the Digital Pirates

Nope, you didn't misread that headline.

DJ and electronic music producer

The Polish Ambassador (AKA David Sugalski) is giving away the greatest gift in the world ... Free music.

And not just one song. But all of them. That's over seven hours of music.

The download includes seven full albums: Diplomatic Immunity; The Phantasmal Farm; I Found Him, Now I Must Kill Him; First Words; Future Sex Computers; The Remix Project of Future Sex Computers; and Mating Season Under the Ample Mammal Alias -- plus an additional 30 remixes.

Orginally from Oakland, Sugalski is American, not Polish, and began experimenting with music production while enrolled at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

He put out his first album, Diplomatic Immunity, in 2005, a collection of 8 and 16 bit funk-electro sounds which eventually landed him a side gig of making music for video games.

But why is he giving away his entire portfolio of music? Well, according to The Polish Ambassador's official website, the free download is an "ongoing experiment." Plus, the digital pirates were already peddling ripped versions of

some of his albums all across the interwebs. So Sugalski just upped the game by dropping his entire discography.

And why else is this a good deal? Let us count the ways: (1) You get over seven hours of original electronic music made by a guy who wears a neon colored jumpsuit; (2) It's free; (3) Oh, and it's free.

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